BUJRUM - Choose Bujrum. Be Your Own Chef!

Bujrum - Ready to eat, Ready to bake, Ready to serve; Bujrum is a brand for line of traditional products from Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared in an innovative manner, a combination of modern and traditional. With modern technology and traditional recipes, well trained cadre and a high level of quality in production guarantees excellent traditional products. Our partners range from Australia to America. We are happy to fulfil their expectations.

Bujrum phyllo

Bujrum phyllo have some advantages over other from the market for several reasons:
1. They are thinner because they have more sheets than those similar, when we compare the packages of the same net mass
2. They have a longer shelf life – it is a four months shelf life because of the way they are packaged
3. They can be stored outside the fridge and in this way save up the narrow space in the fridge
4. There are four types of phyllo – a choice is up to you
5. They are with more humidity than phyllo from other producers which gives Bujrum phyllo more elasticity in preparation and crispness (not gumminess) after baking

Bujrum Pita bread (Lepinja, Somun, BBQ bread)

We have successfully placed pita breads that are produced in special technique and technology, which makes them moist. They are appropriate for restaurants, fast food kiosks, gas stations, hotels, schools, cafeterias, etc. Thanks to this type of bagel the restaurant and owners of other hospitality objects have risen the scale of their services and noticed the increase in the satisfaction of their buyers. The best sold product from the BBQ group of products of Spar was precisely our pita breads which is, under the brand of Spar, sold in Austria and Slovenia, and soon in Croatia and Hungary. Pita breads are produced without additives and colors, E-number and lactose.
Instructions for use: No baking required. Defrosting can be done in several ways:
o Na sobnoj temperaturi za 30 minuta o U mikrovalnoj pećnici na 400W za 2 minuta o U pećnici na 200°C za 5 minuta o Na grilu za 2 minuta, po jednu sa obje strane
The product expires in 12 months at minimum -18°C. The product may be used after defrosting for the next 48 hours.

Bon appetit!