The MBA Center Sarajevo is a family company that has been active since 1992. We are fascinated with food and good flavor. Quality, inspiration and innovation are to pillars of our success. As the result of our dedication to clients, we offer perfect products, perfect in flavor, design or service. Our products are the result of creative molding of dough, made to improve the everyday life or special events that are supposed to be remembered. We are responsible toward the resources we use in production. In our business chain we nurture the behavior that respects both persons and the environment. In our eco-efficient production we use bioenergy and utilize the energy surplus for heating water and use raw materials and wrapping. We are extremely dedicated to our employees. We appreciate the value of different abilities and characters and aid their talents to be developed and improved. We make sweet and savory confections in an innovative manner and offer their users a better choice of food while not harming its flavor. Our business management complies with the Halal, HACCP and ISO standards, and we soon expect to be in ownership of the IFS certificate. We simply make baking awesome.
In addition to production of food products, the company is also qualified in providing consultancy services in the area of management and information systems, and for music scene management. We offer a dedicated software package for production, sales, servicing and maintenance and sales of derivatives in gas stations. The success of the MBA Center enabled over one hundred employees many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. Our business and production center is located in Vogošća at a location of total surface area of approximately 9,000 m2. The production is organized in a modern production plant equipped with contemporary technology lines for baking and packing, for production of crusts and pitas, an automatic plant for dosage of flour and additives, a system for the so-called IQF (individual quick frozen) technology of freezing products, a pioneering activity in the BiH market, which enabled us to offer baked deep frozen products that are finalized on the sales location. Thereby the end consumers are provided with the possibility of purchasing an always warm product. Our aim is to remain leaders in product innovations, to become a leader in the BiH market and to become the greatest exporter of baking goods in BiH. The confirmation of quality of our work and dedication are the continuous growth of the company and increasing demand for our products from the wealth of offer from which the end consumers have the option to choose.

100+ Employees

Production center on 9.000m2

Production hall of 3.000m2

Come and visit some of our Restaurants

  • Restaurant Slatko i Slano Socijalno
    Ložionička 9
    Tel: 033 255 552
  • Restaurant Slatko i Slano Vogošća
    Hasana Merdžanovića 3
    Tel: 033 255 552
  • Slatko i Slano Vogošća
    Muhameda ef Pandže 49a
    Tel: 033 255 566
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    MBA Center is ecologically aware company that has invested over four million BAM in its ecologic systems in the past couple of years. The production of the MBA Center is based on ecologically acceptable principles. Plants are used in production that are run on biomass. All emission from the thermal plants travel through the so-called eco-block where they are purified and eventually released in the air 99.9% purified. All the excess thermal energy that is generated in the production process is used for heating the business and production premises and for sanitary water. MBA Center is planning to complete the building of CNG filler for own vehicles by the end of 2018, as well as a solar plant on the roof of the production hall in capacity of 2x150 KWh by the end of 2020. This project was supported by the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with BAM 85,000.
    MBA Center absolutely believes in the old saying that “you are what you eat”. Our business principles have not changed since the very beginning and the production plant therefore receives only raw materials of tested quality and all in accordance with the HALAL and HACCP standards. It is our aim, that for many people who are not able to enjoy the taste of wheat, rye, barley or another “gluten” bread, we soon offer gluten-free products and make their lives easier in terms of their intolerance to gluten.
    Dedication is the main quality of the MBA Center. Dedication to work, dedication to the customer, dedication to the employee, dedication to nature and the planet. These are the principles that are developed in our business. Thank you for providing support because only with you we can succeed.

    Our Strength

    Our strength is human potential, the cadre that we vastly invest in and for which we create ideal working conditions in which their abilities and talents may be expressed.Many of them have been with us since the beginning of our work which confirms our choice to have satisfied employees because they are the fundamental precondition to having satisfied users.

    You are ready to be a part of our team and learn, then you are on the right place, because we give opportunities to those who wants more then just a career. Apply trough this link HEREor with email at