Quality & innovation guarantee success

Years of experience and dedication to customers have made us the masters of our craft. In our products, quality, inspiration and innovation all come together to make a winning combination for an excellent product. We offer a wide span of freshly baked or deep frozen half-baked or non-fermented products in pastry made of flour. We produce ready-to-eat, ready-to-serve, ready-to-bake and ready-to-proof. Regardless of what option you select, you can rest assured that through easy-to-handle and excellent results you’ll accomplish excellence in culinary. Take a look and sharpen your appetite by using our premium products.


Discover the broad pallet of our first-class breads: in addition to everyday breads, our assortment includes multi-day special types of breads such as yeast-less, high protein, Swedish bread, Bavarian with rye share of over 60%, which is the biggest share of rye in a bread at the BH market, buckwheat bread with share in buckwheat of 30%, corn Bavarian with share in corn flour of 30%, royal with seeds, big toast 12x12 as well as bread-crumbs and croutons. Some of our products can also be delivered in a precut shape – ideal for private or business lunches. Due to specific needs of our clients, we pack the so-called MIX BREAD boxes, to give them a greater choice in addition to the relatively narrow area in a minus regiment of your business premises.


If you’re eating delicious hamburgers, pitas, donners or other types of sandwiches in one of the fast food grills, it is nearly certain that you’re eating our pastries that we have developed and improved during the years in accordance with the requests of our clients. In addition to sandwich bagels we also specialize in producing small bagels of 35g intended for restaurants and hotels. Whether baked or half-baked frozen bagels, we deliver them exclusively as suitable to our clients. We offer special MIX PASTRY boxes to keep the tables versatile and in the instance that the area in minus storage in your business location is limited.


Whether in empty or ones with delicious filling, your clients will definitely enjoy our products made of puffed pastry. Thanks to our new sophisticated technology, our pastries are filled completely and are of abundant flavor from the first to the last bite.


Frozen half-baked pizzas of different sizes are made with several sauces – margherita, funghi, capricciosa, tuna, vegetariana. They are delivered separately or packed in MIX PIZZA boxes.


Pita or burek has become well-known all over the world. It can be offered for lunch, snack or dinner. We produce pita according to traditional Bosnian recipe with contemporary technological advancements. We offer frozen baked or frozen raw pitas, in rings or sticks, weighing from 50g to 250g. We have previously offered in the market potato pita, burek, integral burek, maslenica, cheese pita, spinach pita, apple pita or cherry pita. Their preparation doesn’t take a long time. If you have it baked, delicious flavors can be achieved in only three minutes of preparation in the microwave oven or 10 minutes in an oven.


There is a vast selection of cakes, creamy, dry or soaked. They can be distributed as frozen or fresh products.