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The MBA Center Sarajevo is a family company that has been active since 1992. We are fascinated with food and good flavor. Quality, inspiration and innovation are to pillars of our success. As the result of our dedication to clients, we offer perfect products, perfect in flavor, design or service. Our products are the result of creative molding of dough, made to improve the everyday life or special events that are supposed to be remembered. We are responsible toward the resources we use in production. In our business chain we nurture the behavior that respects both persons and the environment. In our eco-efficient production we use bioenergy and utilize the energy surplus for heating water and use raw materials and wrapping. We are extremely dedicated to our employees. We appreciate the value of different abilities and characters and aid their talents to be developed and improved. We make sweet and savory confections in an innovative manner and offer their users a better choice of food while not harming its flavor. Our business management complies with the Halal, HACCP and ISO standards, and we soon expect to be in ownership of the IFS certificate. We simply make baking awesome.

Excellent offer for culinary skills

Our products are the result of creating molding of dough, made to improve everyday life or special memorable events. Dedication to the clients is reflected in the offer of products that will fulfil all your senses. We do not use softeners, chemical additives, preservatives or colors. For cakes we use herbal cornstarch and we are included in the halal manufacturers. For bread and pastries we use yeast, oil, sour dough and various types of flour and grains. .




Puffed Pastry

Pitas and crusts

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