About us


In the domestic and foreign markets, we stand out especially for the quality and loyalty to our partners as well as our customers. We are a family company that believes that interpersonal relationships are a pillar of good business and attach importance to the creativity and freedom of each employee. We know what we want and we are full of enthusiasm. We are socially responsible and want our products to belong to anyone and those who may not be able to eat a healthy and warm meal today. We love people because we live and work with them. We believe that the right management is the one who creates good for everyone.

Our clients

MBA Center, with its products, has entered the homes of many across our homeland and the world. Our business is made up of several segments and we supply HoReCa clients, wholesale retail chanins, public institutions such as hsopitals, army, school, oil stations and International Airport in Sarajevo. People just love our products.

Today we export to eleven countries of the world. This strengthens the economy and sends the highest quality and unique culinary delicacies of our tradition around the world